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Innovative Conveyor Concepts- Lift Equipment
ICC offers all types of material handling solutions including scissor lifts, hydraulic lifts, mechanical lifts, work positioners, tilters, turn tables, dock lifts, dock levelers, freight lifts,
upenders, transfer carts, etc.

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Material Handling Equipment
Lift Travel and Turn Material Lift


Work Positioners - Scissor Lift Tables
Scissor Lift
Scissors lift work positioning tables include hydraulic lifts, air bag lifts, and mechanical lifts, and come in capacities up to 8,000 lbs, vertical travels through 60 inch, and just about any platform size you need. Designed with lean manufacturing and ergonomics in mind!
Hydraulic Lifts Air Bag Lifts Mechanical Lifts Ground Lifts
Work Positioners – Tilters and Turn Tables
Scissor Lift
Used independently or mounted to a scissors lift, these work positioners enhance worker performance and safety by bringing the work to the worker and minimizing repetitive and wasted motion.
Hydraulic Tilters Air Bag Tilters Manual Turn Tables Powered Turn Tables Portable Tilter
Scissor Lifts – High Capacity (over 8,000 lbs.)
Lift Travel and Turn Material Lift
Systems integrators and custom lift solution providers turn to these extremely heavy duty scissors lifts for die handling, large roll handling, vehicle transfer and movement, and other high capacity applications.
High Capacity Lifts
High Travel Lifts (over 60 inch)
High Travel Material Lifts
For those applications that go beyond the need for ergonomic lifts, these high travel scissors lifts and vertical ram lifts are used as freight lifts, mezzanine lifts, conveyor lifts, and work platform lifts to move people, parts, or pallets over a high vertical distance.
Double Scissors Lifts Stacked Scissors Lifts Work Platform Lifts Ram Lifts
Dock Lifts and Levelers
Dock Lifts and Levelers
Dock scissors lifts are offered in both stationary and portable models, and can be pit mounted or surface mounted. Dock scissor lifts are typically used in the transfer of fork trucks or other wheeled loads from truck to dock or from truck to ground. Dock Levelers or Truck Levelers are ideal for dock areas which must load or unload trucks with a wide range of truck bed heights.
Pit Mounted
to 10k lbs
Pit Mounted
to 20k lbs
Surface Mounted
to 5k lbs
to 4k lbs
to 6k lbs
Dock/Truck Levelers
VRC Freight Lifts
VRC Freight Lifts
Our complete line of Freightlift vertical reciprocating conveyors can be used indoors or outdoors, inside shafts or outside walls, and within or against mezzanines to transfer material or goods (not people!) from the ground to one or more elevated storage or work positions. Use in place of a freight elevator! Designed to meet ANSI B20.1.
VRC Mechanical Lift VRC Hydraulic Lift VRC Freight Lite VRC High Capacity Lift Package Lift
Custom Application Equipment
Custom Application Lifts
ICC carries several lines of custom material handling equipment designed specifically for a given application. Check out these custom lifts and tilters for unique material handling applications, one of these might be just what you are looking for.
Roll Handling – Upender Roll Handling – Transfer Cart Bascule Bridge Precision Mechanical Lift