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Innovative Conveyor Concepts- Misc Powered Conveyors
ICC has a wide variety of powered conveyors including chain drag conveyors, slate conveyors, chain transfers, vertical conveyors, skate wheel transfers, flite sorters, high speed sorters, wire mesh belt conveyors, skewed Wheel diverters, turntables, parts conveyors, etc.

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Chain Drag   Slate Conveyor
.: 2-Strand Chain Drag Conveyor
Model: CD280/CD260
  .: Slate Conveyor
Model: 608SL
3-Strand Chain Transfer   Reciprocating Vertical Conveyor
.: 90 Degree 3-Strand Chain Transfer
Model: CT380/CT360
  .: Reciprocating Flow Vertical Conveyor
Model: RVC
V-Belt Transfer   Continuous Vertical Conveyor
.: 90 Degree 3-Strand
V-Belt Transfer

Model: VBT3
.: Continuous Flow Vertical Conveyor
Model: CVC
Skate Wheel Transfer   Flite Sorter
.: 90 Degree 3-Strand Skate Wheel Transfer
Model: WT3
  .: Flite Sorter (Shoe Sorter)
Model: FS 150
High Speed Sorter   Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor
.: High Speed Sorter
Model: HSS2
.: 700 Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor
Model: 700SBW
Skewed Wheel Diverter   Open Bed Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor
.: Skewed Wheel Diverter
Model: SD60
  .: 700 Open Bed Style Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor
Model: 700SBO
Powered Turntable   Parts Conveyor
.: Medium Duty Continuous Rotation Powered Turntable
Model: CRT
  .: Parts Conveyor
Model: PC
Indexing Powered Turntable   Parts Conveyor with Feeder
.: Heavy Duty Indexing Powered Turntable
Model: IPT
  .: Parts Conveyor with Feeder
Model: PC-F
    Conveyor Videos
    .: VIDEOS
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