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Innovative Conveyor Concepts- Motorized Roller Conveyors
Conveyor systems powered by motorized rollers are configured
without the use of external drive units, chains, and drive shafting.
These systems are quieter and more efficient.

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Motorized Roller Conveyor

motorized roller electrical

Motorized Roller System 2

Interroll Rollers

Motorized Roller System

Motorized Roller System 3

Interroll Rollers Internal View



Motorized Roller Drives:

  • Light duty, brushed motor with internal thermal control.
  • High Torque, continuous duty brushless motor.
  • Continuous duty brushless motor with integral motor control.
  • High speed, continuous duty brushless motor with integral motor control

Motorized Roller Drive Applications:

  • Power Assisted Gravity Conveyors or Gravity Upgrades
  • Powered Curves
  • Zero Pressure Accumulation
  • Limited Space or Floor Mounted Applications
  • Low Profile
  • Office Space, Mail Room, Noise Sensitive Environments
  • Weigh Scale Conveyor
  • Workstation Conveyors
  • Clean Room or Clean Environments
  • Powered Transfers
  • etc.


Motorized Pulley and DrumsMotorized Pulleys/Drums
Motorized pulleys/drums are used in applications where motorized rollers are not a viable alternative due to capacity. Motorized pulleys are primarily used in belt conveyor applications demanding a clean looking, quiet, and efficient conveyor system.