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Innovative Conveyor Concepts- Belt Conveyor
ICC has several styles of belt conveyor available. The main two types of belt conveyors are slider beds and roller beds.

Slider Beds- Economical Solutions
The trough bed belt conveyor has an integral guard rail which is ideal for trash conveyor, handling chips, slugs, scrap wood, paper waste, boxes, packages, and cartons.

The standard slider bed belt conveyor is one of the most economical means of transporting conveyor.

The box style slider bed is another option which provides a smooth surface along the side of the conveyor. The box style slider bed is ideal for workers stationed beside the conveyor.

Roller Beds- Less Horsepower and Increased Unit Loads
The roller bed is well suited for transporting unit loads with less horsepower than required by slider beds.

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725TB   796RB
.: 725 Trough Bed Belt Conveyors
Model: 725TB
  .: 796 Roller Bed Belt Conveyors
Model: 796RB
700 SB   796RBF
.: 700 Slider Bed Belt Conveyors
Model: 700SB
  .: 796 Incline Roller Bed Belt Conveyors
Model: 796RBF
700BSB   700SBF
.: 700 Box Style Slider Bed Belt Conveyors
Model- 7002BSB
  .: 700 Incline Slider Bed Belt Conveyors
Model: 700SBF
450BOS   Cruz Belt Conveyor
.: 450 Box Style Bed w/ Rounded End Plates
Model: 450BOS
  .: Cruz Belt Conveyors
Model: CRUZ
751RB   Low Profile Belt Conveyor
.: 751 Roller Bed Belt Conveyors
Model: 751RB
  .: Low Profile Belt Conveyors
Model: 125 Series, 250 Series, 300 Series, 400 Series
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