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Conveyor Systems (System Photos and Videos)

ICC designs, engineers, sales, installs, and services conveyor systems. ICC systems design and sales includes: belt conveyor systems, roller conveyor systems, low profile conveyor systems, gravity and powered conveyor systems, line shaft conveyor systems, chain driven conveyor systems, plastic belt conveyor systems, motorized roller conveyor systems, bulk handling conveyor systems, table top conveyor systems, sortation and accumulation conveyor systems, glass handling conveyor systems, and pallet handling conveyor systems.

We can completely intergrate automated material handling solutions. We have a modular heavy duty product line for conveying products which cannot be conveyors on belt or roller conveyors. The base of this system is a 2-Strand chain drag system. The chain drag system has drop-in modules for accumulation, transfers (roller transfers and chain transfers), product positioning, etc. ICC also offers pallet dispensers, vertical conveyors, and turntables which can be easily added to this modular product.

The modular table top conveyor system is also a unique product offering the end user a lot of flexibility. A table top system reduce the number of motor drives need by allowing one drive and one belt to work through multiple straight sections and curves.

ICC also offers very economical sider bed and roller bed systems. Belt conveyors are often the most economical conveyor solution. ICC also offers belt conveyor in a low profile conveyor unit.

ICC has a lot of experience in bulk handling conveyor systems for scrap and trash lines. We offer a complete line of steel hinged belt conveyors fron 2-1/2" pitch to 9" pitch, boxwall conveyors, plastic belt conveyors, and stainless steel conveyors. ICC has build bulk handling conveyor systems for the toughest material handling enviroments.

Motorized Roller Conveyor systems powered by motorized rollers or motorized drive pulleys are configured without the use of external drives. These systems are quieter and very effecient. If space is a premium then not having a drive outside the conveyor frame maybe an easy solution for material handling needs.

ICC glass conveyor systems include a glass cullet conveyor system, a flat glass transportation system, and an overhead frame delivery system. We have designed and built more glass cullet systems than anybody in the conveyor industry. We have glass cullet systems throughout the United States. Our glass transportation line consist of a line shaft conveyor with urethane bands for smooth glass transportation. We also have a glass transfer conveyor made of urethane round belts for a gentle 90 degree transition. We have the solution for your glass cullet and glass transportation needs.

These systems are just a fraction of the systems we offer. We have an installation crew and are ready to complete you next turn-key project. If you need a system quick we have a huge selection of conveyors that will be shipped in 24 hours and We offten can install a small system in less than a week.

Our installation and conveyor quotes are good for 30 days and we do not add hidden any charges. We will give you a very specific detailed quote and we will honor it!

System Photos and Videos